Harvard University Tour

“Education is the most important weapon that can be used to change the word” Nelson Mandela. This summer a group of refugee students had a chance to visit one of the best college in the world through the support of Neighborhood Connection Grant that we received in spring of 2019. Among the student that attend were Joanna who is currently a senior at John Marshall high school with a a goal of attending Harvard to pursue his degree in law, Akiitri who is also a senior at John Marshall High school with interest of pursuing a degree in nursing so that she can help her Nepali community. Jonas is also a junior at the same school but with an interest of attending The Ohio State University to pursue his degree in design. Sifa who is also a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson Academy and along side them we had Esther, Lucia and Victoire who are all undergrad students with interest in pursuing their masters at a prestigious college like Harvard. our organization has been built on the foundation of education for every youth in the immigrant community and we continue to create opportunities that help enhance their goals to archiving them by all means. Mr. Mayele our president works with local institutions, political leaders and churches in making sure that such opportunities are available to the youths in our communities.

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