Great bikes giveaway

On July 30th while a group of kids from the community visited Middleburg height community church for games and lunch with their tutors, in the middle of lunch, someone told Pastor Vickie that they had 2bikes that they would like to donate and if she knew someone who could use them. so Vickie came to me and asked me if i had someone to give the 2bikes, my response was ” absolutely but i don’t know who to give them to because it’s going to be hard to decide which kids get and who doesn’t” her answer to me was as simple as ”  how many bike would you need and i said, maybe 35 and she was like ,why don’t we make this a great bike giveaway? and for me i  was just like, great. the announcement was passed  asking people to donate bikes and also if they knew someone who had a bike that they don’t use no more and would like to donate it to the refugee kids in our program.

In less than 3weeks we were able to go overboard than what we expected. bike were just flowing in, we collected 75 bike all in total from both members of the congregation and people that just had the news from either others members or friends who had heard it from someone else. members and friends again gathered on Friday and Saturday to inspect, clean and do all the necessary repair that were need to some of the bikes before giving them out the kids of Sunday August 27/2017.

On Sunday afternoon, George and Sandy helped in driving the bikes down to J Zone center were we had planed to give them out to the kids. members of the community and church came out to help organize and also helped in loading of the bikes, it was such a joy moment watching everyone come together smiling and all jumping and all excited knowing their getting a mean of transportation.

At about 2pm, we started giving out bikes to the kids and honestly this was the fun part. first, it was hard for me to decide of how i wanted to give them out, I didn’t know if I wanted to let each kid pick or chose for them then later on, I realized it was just best for me to call them out to avoid the chaos. I called out one by one and made sure that girls were getting all the pinks or any sorts of design bike and boys were getting the regular normal bikes. after the giveaway, kids started riding their bikes around the bike with precious smiles on their faces and this is why i do what i do for my community.

We have lost a lot in our refugee journeys and it’s still a lot more that we can lose here if we don’t act quick and that’s why i do what i can to prevent destruction or any other bad behaviors to our youths by creating social events or activities to keep them busy and engaged. Being a refugee your left with nothing but life that’s it. its hard to gain back the childhood that had already been taken away from us and for me I am trying and will do whatever I can to make sure kids in my community rise up successfully.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support us and we will continue to seek your support in the nearly future as we continue to improve our kids lives and communities.

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