2018 Refugees Cookout with Cops

when it comes to our safety, their are always there to protect us regardless of the languange barrel. This summer we had an opportunity to partner with Cleveland Police Department and Metro West Community Development in bringing the event in our own neighborhood where the majority of our refugee population reside. we had over 12 police officers from Second District and approximately 150 participant of whom 100 where refugees kids and youths. with a kickoff of a soccer game, our two Nepal team played against each other to entertain the audience but also for fun as the majority of our refugee kids love football “soccer”. officers were very engage in all activities such playing soccer, dancing and running around with the kids to ensure that the stereotype or face is our about police isn’t true and to exposing them to some of the important information tools that are within the police department that could be beneficial to them. many of our kids were scared of police based what they watch on TV happening across the nation so they keep that in their heads, the fear and intimidation knowing that cops are the against people of certain race but for our leader Mayele, he felt that it was time that we break that barrel and bring the event to light. it’s was a beautiful and memorable day in our community as we watch kids build up this bonds with cops especially officer Hubert who was allover the place doing all kinds moves with the kids, this is what we need in our world. we need the love, unity and connection between two different groups that have fear again one another, we have to break it. “when I think of the time i would go in the community and people ask me how can we call the police when we don’t speak English, they can’t hear us and that means they can’t help. My response is always simple, just call and they will figure it out on their ends”. Mr Ngemba said. On the other hands my cops friends would tel me stories of how they responded to the call but upon arriving, the family doesn’t speak English but the cool thing is that now they have tools that you speak in and it translate into your language, making things easier for both sides and that’s why we have to keep connecting both ends so that they can all get comfortable with one another. Ngemba added. we are very thankful to all our supporters that made sure that we had, food, drinks, music, soccer equipment and T-shirts. everything little action can make a difference and it doesn’t take much to put a smile on a child’s face but it’s adorable when it happens and that’s what we will continue to do for the kids in our community and across the nation. 

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