Medical Research

Vicky and Florence are refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo that came to Cleveland few years ago and both ladies are working on achieving their high school diplomas at John Marshal High School. these two brilliant ladies had the privilege to participate in a science project called “Medical Home for Children” ┬áthe project was about balancing the medical visits. When talking to one of the scholars, Vicky told me they had data that was showing different types of visits which were ED visits, Hospitalization, Readmission, Well visits so they had to express the results by calculating the balancing points of the children’s visits in each category and then end up building a model that will physically show where the balancing points would fall. the ladies won their contest and where recognized by CMSD and Cleveland Clinic for their great achievement. we are thankful for all your support and commitment that you have shown us as we continues to better our communities!

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